Lien Degol signeert stijlboek in Boekcargo Leuven

De Leuvense stijlcoach Lien Degol meet je ‘De juiste look op je werk’ aan in haar allereerste boek.

Zaterdag 8 september signeert ze tussen 15u-17u in Boekcargo Leuven.

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Er is 1 reactie op “Lien Degol signeert stijlboek in Boekcargo Leuven”

(on november 19th, 2012 at 23:45)

Lien, you wear too big accessories on your hands and wrists which make your hands really big for your figure. Also dragging short black dresses, emphasise your short next and make your head look like very close to your body. Overall, all dressed you put are not flattering your figure but more presenting you as a solid block. No offence, get an advice from a specialist and change your appearance. The most irritating is how you are not able to behave before camera and your eyes always view the upper part of the rooms. I hope you will get this comment as a gift, as otherwise, you will never improve. so long…