The (Thomas Stapleton’s) Irish Pub

Two Americans, a Belgian and a guy from Zimbabwe were sitting in a bar… And they had a great night. Oh, you expected a joke? Well… ehm… the tap of the sink in the toilets sprayed water over one’s shirt? No, not funny? I know, but I didn’t want to tell a joke. You expected one. What I wanted to say was just that we had a great evening in the Irish Pub.

It was only the second time that I’ve been there, but even the first time it felt good immediately. And this time too, the atmosphere was good, the people of the pub were friendly, it was not too crowded so we could just sit and talk and the drinks were good! A giant Bulmer’s, two big pints of Guinness and… no idea what the other guy was drinking.

One negative thing maybe? There was something about the men’s bathroom. Clogged toilets I think, but my male companions spared me the details. I’m sure it was a one-time thing though, the women’s bathrooms were just fine. I usually don’t write reviews about toilets though, so let’s go back inside.

The place has little corners that are separated by wooden panels (which are very special) but it also has the regular tables, chairs and stools at the bar. The prices are what you would expect, I think, and the overall experience is very good. On condition that you bring fun people of course. Try Americans for example, they can be real fun!

And that joke you expected? Go to the Irish Pub, have a drink and make your own jokes. A Guinness might help…

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