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Tentoonstelling ‘Familiekwesties’ in Gallery 33

Ana Fuentes, Mexicaanse artieste, stelt voor het eerst tentoon in Europa. Haar tentoonstelling ‘Familiekwesties’ zal tot einde september te zien zijn in Gallery 33 in Leuven. Naderhand zal de tentoonstelling naar het Nationaal Theater van Brussel en de Waalse Gemeemschap verhuizen.

Ana Fuentes over haar tentoonstelling ‘Familiekwesties’:

“I began to be intrigued by the strong persona, silently breathing in life through the senses of her frail physique. This was my 4 year old grand niece. Pale skin, black profound gaze and redheaded. I photographed her. And then again, every time I could go back to my hometown in the deserted northern part of Mexico, an arid city immersed constantly in winds of sepia dust. There lived this eerie and beautiful child who would effortlessly stand for the camera, not pretending, not posing, only gazing, amused by my interest, which I slowly discovered as I painted her aroused from noticing that she appeared as so many other people, as if I was in a black room carefully developing images that revealed somebody else, yet still the same one, I saw her mother, my sister, me, and people I couldn’t identify but knew I knew. A slight twist, the light in her eyes. She talked to me through the endless veils of oil, and dictated the atmosphere and the elements surrounding her. So this was mankind, this molecule so pure that I could see through, and more, afar, a journey into passion and longing, the human heart, my own heart. Into a great, infinite histoire de famille.”

De tentoonstelling loopt van 16 september tot 29 september in Gallery 33.

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